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For many thousands of years...

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...plants have been successfully used in medicine and cosmetics. Due to the major curative and treatment successes chalked up to herbal products, this ancient wisdom has been reembraced in recent decades.


Essential oils do, as the name suggests, embody the essence of the plant. Utilizing elaborate processes (steam distillation, mechanical treatment or dry distillation), the precious oils are extracted from the original plant.  They are often described as the "soul" of that plant.


The essential oils contain the concentrated power and effectiveness of the plants they come from.  They embody the spirit, the character and underlying nature of the plant.

JCH Basisöl, das Multitalent besteht aus:

Träger- bzw. fette Ölen ...

Sonnenblume - Helianthus annuus
Leinöl - Linum usitatissimum
Rapsöl - Brassica napus

Ätherischen Ölen...

Italienische Strohblume - Helichrysum italicum
Ravintsara - Cinnamomum camphora
Thymian - Thymus vulgaris
Gewürznelke - Eugenia caryophyllus
Pfefferminze - Mentha piperita
Bitterorange - Citrus aurantium
Teebaum - Melaleuca quinquinervia
Grönländischer Porst - Ledum groenlandicum