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for weakness of the immune system, infection, anemia, allergies, cancer, aids and much more.

Spirulina are true power packs of vitality.  Algae are one of the oldest living things on earth.  Many natural-health practitioners swear by Spirulina as a nutritional supplement due to their many minerals, trace elements and vitamins.

Spirulina contains the following vitamins, trace elements and minerals:

- Beta carotene
- Vitamin B1
- Vitamin B2
- Vitamin B3
- Vitamin B5
- Vitamin B6
- Vitamin B12
- Vitamin E
- Calcium
- Iron
- Potassium
- Magnesium
- Selenium
- Zinc

Spirulina helps in an almost ideal way, for it is proven to strengthen the body's defensive mechanisms. Recent research confirms the positive effects of this millions-of-years-old nutritional supplement when dealing with such problems as allergies, candida, stomach and intestinal disorders, weakness of vital organs and overweight. Scientists from around the world expect that Spirulina will in future become an important component of our nutrition, especially since it also stimulates cell regeneration.  This "Blue-Green Gold" is equally valuable for man, animals and plant.  For it contains predominantly easily digested, complete protein, in other words, all eight essential amino acids in optimal proportions. Spirulina is, therefore, an ideal food supplement for vegetarians, convalescents and pregnant women.

Spirulina serves to strengthen the immune system and is highly regarded by natural-health practitioners and by dentists for amalgam elimination. Ingesting Spirulina also leads to detoxification of the body. This is especially important when a couple is planning on having a child.  Spirulina is able to bind harmful substances within the body in a unique way, especially heavy metals such as cadmium.

But Spirulina isn't only recommended for the elimination of harmful substances, it is also helpful in the treatment of allergies such as hay fever. Spirulina contains components that actively inhibit histamine-containing mast-cell granules in skin tissue. This astonishing effect has already been experienced by numerous hay fever patients, while successes were also seen in coping with other forms of allergic reaction.

What many people had not known to this point, is the fact that this blue-green algae can also be used to treat over-acidity. In our modern world, we often encounter over-acidity, caused by poor nutrition, stress, lack of exercise or medications.  Spirulina is base-forming, while also strengthening the immune system. The pH-value of Spirulina is at 9-11, which makes it highly recommended as a nutritional supplement to buffer acids in the body. 

Spirulina can also be used to cope with osteoporosis, since Spirulina contains high levels of calcium. Almost half of all women ages 45-80 are suffering from osteoporosis. Spirulina also contains over 60% easily digested protein, also combating osteoporosis in the body. Spirulina can also be used to prevent the onset of osteoporosis.

Treatment of inflammation, the flu, neurodermatitis and acne all benefit by the use of Spirulina.

Even if you have no symptoms, it still makes sense to ingest Spirulina:

- after X-rays
- if you are stressed or nervous
- if you consume a lot of alcohol
- if you smoke a lot
- if you are exposed to high levels of radiation
- for mineral and vitamin deficiency 

In recent years, many scientific studies have proven the positive effects of Spirulina on the skin and hair. Spirulina contains especially high levels of Vitamin A, Vitamin B 12, Vitamin E, calcium, iron and phosphorus. Free radicals attack the skin, causing it look tired, limp and flabby. Heavy smokers, in particular, have to deal with this problem, as do people coping with lots of stress. A treatment program with Spirulina (as many as five tablets daily) works wonders.  The skin becomes more toned, looks youthful and vital. Spirulina boosts the metabolism and aids the body in eliminating toxins. Due to high levels of Provitamin A and Vitamins B 12 and E, Spirulina is effective in treating shadows beneath the eyes and dry-eye.  The detoxifying effects of Spirulina give the eyes new energy and power. The shadows disappear and dry eyes soon improve.

By eliminating the body's own metabolic waste products and strengthening the body as a whole, Spirulina is able to turn flabby skin into toned skin once more.  This effect is seen after taking Spirulina for just 3 weeks (3 tablets daily). In this way, the body is gently, yet effectively detoxified.  The body recognizes Spirulina as a natural form of nutrition, it is better broken down than are synthetic compounds.

What effect does Spirulina have on the nails and hair?

Spirulina is proven to have positive effects for those dealing with hair loss. Since Spirulina strengthens the immune system and its antioxidant effects have positive benefits for hair growth. Many people suffer from dandruff. A four-week program of Spirulina as an antioxidant compound will help the condition. The hair becomes completely dandruff-free, glossy and stronger.

Fingernail ridges and general nail problems also benefit from the use of Spirulina. We consume numerous proteins in our food. But not all proteins have positive effects on the body. Only when all essential and non-essential amino acids are contained in the protein, do they benefit the body. Spirulina contains 70% high-value protein, which is very important for the body. A four-week program is appropriate when dealing with nail problems. Warts can similarly be treated with Spirulina, since Spirulina strengthens the immune system.

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